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Tuesday Jul 09, 2024

The Power of Soulful ListeningJoin host AJ Willoughby on the Leadership Academy podcast as he sits down with Terri Lonowski, founder of Soulful Listening®, to explore transformative leadership skills. Terri shares her five elements of soulful listening, inspired by her grandmother's wisdom, emphasizing self-care, presence, and emotional intelligence.
✨ Episode Highlights:
Understanding the five elements of soulful listening
Practical breathing exercises for better communication
The impact of deep listening on leadership
Terri’s book, “The Gifts of Pain,” and upcoming projects
Terri provides actionable insights for leaders, highlighting how deep listening can enhance relationships and unlock potential within organizations.
Connect with Us:
Terri Lonowski: 
AJ  Willoughby:
Produced by Titan Media Worx: This episode is part of “Leadership Academy,” your guide to mastering leadership skills and strategies. Stay tuned for more episodes that empower you to lead with authenticity and impact.
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Thursday Jun 27, 2024

In this episode of the Leadership Academy Podcast, host AJ Willoughby sits down with Aleta Maxwell, CEO of Uplifting Leadership and author of "How to Have Difficult Conversations that Motivate and Inspire." Aleta shares her extensive experience in HR and leadership, offering practical advice on navigating tough conversations and enhancing leadership skills.
✨ Episode Highlights:
Aleta's journey from hospitality to HR and leadership coaching.
The importance of setting clear expectations and creating buy-in.
Strategies for identifying and addressing performance issues.
Insights from Alita's book on effective communication and leadership.
Aleta discusses her background, including her work with nonprofits and the transformation of a restaurant group in New York City. She emphasizes the value of understanding the root causes of challenges and the benefits of continuous feedback.
Connect with Us:
AJ  Willoughby:
Aleta Maxwell:
Don’t miss this insightful episode filled with actionable tips for leaders at all levels. Subscribe, leave a comment, and share your thoughts below!
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Monday May 27, 2024

Join AJ Willoughby as he speaks with Dori DeCarlo, a champion of mompreneurs and women's empowerment through her Word of Mom Radio Network. In this insightful episode, Dori shares her experiences and the unique aspects of being a mompreneur, especially from a home office.
What You'll Learn:
The distinct challenges and rewards of being a mompreneur.
Effective strategies for treating your home-based business with the seriousness it deserves.
The critical role of networking and collaboration in expanding your business and enhancing personal growth.
Gain valuable strategies and insights on navigating the entrepreneurship landscape as a working mother, with guidance from seasoned professionals like Dori.
Connect with us:
AJ Willoughby:
Dori DeCarlo 
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Wednesday May 22, 2024

Welcome back to the Leadership Academy podcast with your host AJ Willoughby. Continuing our discussion from Part I, we further explore the expert insights of Shawn Shewchuk. As a #1 results coach and bestselling author, Shawn focuses on the fundamentals of business launch and expansion, including the impact of legal and structural decisions for entrepreneurs.
What you will learn
Essential considerations for entrepreneurs starting a new business, from legal frameworks to strategic planning.
Perspectives on effective leadership and the role of a CEO in growing a company.
The importance of fostering strong relationships and networking to drive business growth.
Shawn also offers practical advice on the legal aspects of business, emphasizing the need for a solid support system through lawyers and structured business plans. Drawing on his extensive experience, Shawn details strategies for achieving business independence and scaling operations efficiently.
Connect with:
AJ Willoughby:
Shawn Shewchuk: 
Don't miss these valuable lessons from Shawn Shewchuk on how to advance your entrepreneurial journey and achieve your business goals. Be sure to check out Part I for an in-depth understanding of Shawn's transformative coaching philosophy.
Produced by Titan Media Worx.

Monday May 20, 2024

Join host AJ Willoughby on the Leadership Academy Podcast as he interviews Dr. Olivia Johnson, an Air Force veteran and former police officer turned suicidology expert. Dr. Johnson discusses her transition into leadership roles focusing on suicide prevention and enhancing organizational health within high-stress professions.
What You’ll Learn:
Insights into transitioning from military and law enforcement to roles in suicide prevention.
Strategies for leaders to create a healthier work environment and integrate proactive mental health practices.
Overcoming challenges associated with mental health issues in demanding jobs.
Dr. Johnson talks about her work at the Blue Wall Institute, helping law enforcement agencies implement strategies to reduce job-related stress and prevent suicide. She shares insights from her book, “Practical Considerations for Preventing Police Suicide,” offering valuable guidance for leaders looking to improve mental health approaches in their organizations.
Connect with:
AJ Willoughby:
Dr. Olivia Johnson
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Monday May 20, 2024

Join Joe Pallo, master sales trainer, on the Leadership Academy podcast as he breaks down his groundbreaking “Sell Nothing” philosophy and the EARN method. This approach emphasizes emotional and logical engagement over traditional transactional tactics, changing the way sales and leadership are conducted.
What you will learn:
The key principles of the EARN method and its impact on sales and leadership.
The role of emotional engagement in improving sales performance and leadership.
Joe's tips on applying these strategies for more effective results.
Joe breaks down his approach to sales, focusing on genuine connections and understanding customer needs beyond the product. He discusses strategies for addressing common sales challenges by prioritizing customer desires and motivations.
Connect with:
AJ Willoughby:
Joe Pallo: 
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Thursday May 16, 2024

Join host AJ Willoughby as he welcomes Ralph Adamo, an expert with nearly four decades of experience in the financial services industry. In this episode, Ralph shares his journey from early career to becoming a national television commentator and successful CEO. He discusses how he did business adventuring through major market fluctuations, political disruptions, and economic crisis, offering listeners valuable insights into how to maintain stability and integrity in finance.
What you will learn
How to sort fact from fiction in financial news and market predictions.
Ralph's approach to helping clients manage their investments in uncertain times.
The importance of historical context in understanding current market behavior.
Gain insights from Ralph's extensive experience as he discusses the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in finance. Learn the tools and strategies he uses to guide his clients through complex financial landscapes, ensuring they face the future with confidence rather than apprehension.
Connect with 
AJ Willoughby: 
Ralph Adamo: 
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Ralph Adamo is registered with and securities are offered through Kovack Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC, 6451 N. Federal Highway, Suite 1201,Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308. Tel: 954-782-4771. Investment Advisory services are offered through Kovack Advisors, Inc. Integrity Wealth Management is not affiliated with Kovack Securities, Inc. or Kovack Advisors, Inc.

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Join AJ Willoughby on the Leadership Academy podcast as he welcomes Shawn Shewchuk, a top results coach and motivational speaker (and movie star). In this episode, Shawn talks about his journey through personal and professional challenges to become one of the top speakers and results coaches in 2022. Learn Shawn's distinctive methods for transforming lives through effective coaching, strategic thinking and building meaningful relationships.
What you will learn.
How Shawn transitioned from various business ventures to focus on results-driven coaching.
The importance of effective communication and relationship building in achieving business success.
Shawn's point of view on the changing coaching landscape and his tactics for staying relevant and impactful.
Shawn explores his life and business philosophy, highlighting the importance of continuous learning and adaptation. He offers practical advice for overcoming common coaching and entrepreneurship challenges, and stresses the importance of perseverance and strategic risk-taking.
Connect with:
AJ Willoughby:
Shawn Shewchuk: 
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Tune in to get valuable insights from Shawn Shewchuk on how to develop your potential and achieve success in life and business.

Monday May 06, 2024

Join AJ Willoughby on the Leadership Academy podcast as he welcomes Meilani Wilder, CEO and chief designer of The Wilder Shoppe. Meilani recounts her inspiring transformation from freelance web designer to leader of a successful digital agency, The Wilder Shoppe, that enhances the digital presence of business owners. Celebrating her seventh business anniversary, Meilani explores the evolution of her career and how personal challenges have shaped her entrepreneurial journey.
What you will learn:
Meilani's journey from freelancing to building a full-service digital agency.
The importance of comprehensive digital branding for businesses, encompassing web design, SEO and social media management.
Effective strategies that Meilani uses to make its clients' brands stand out among their target audience.
Listen to the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship as Meilani shares her passion for helping small businesses stand out online. She provides insights into the ins and outs of digital branding and offers tips for business owners looking to boost their digital presence. Meilani also discusses managing her demanding career alongside personal health issues, highlighting the importance of adaptability and resilience.
Connect with:
AJ Willoughby:
Meilani Wilder: 
Produced by Titan Media Worx
This episode is sponsored by Titan Media Worx, specialists in expert podcast production. Tune in to Leadership Academy for more engaging discussions with leaders who have a significant impact on their industries and communities.

Thursday May 02, 2024

Join AJ Willoughby for an engaging discussion with Clint White, a top marketing strategist whose expertise has influenced everything from the Obama White House to prominent global campaigns. Clint shares his extensive experience in creating impactful media strategies and driving social change through innovative marketing.
What you'll learn:
Clint's marketing approach, which has earned him recognition and awards from the highest levels, including the United Nations Social Impact Summit.
The philosophy behind Clint's book, “Tattoos Not Brands,” and how it applies to creating lasting business identities.
Strategies for leveraging the media to foster social change and build community ties.
Clint talks about the challenges and successes of developing marketing campaigns that resonate on an international scale. Find out how his work at the intersection of marketing and social impact has influenced public engagement strategies around the world.
Connect with 
AJ Willoughby:
Clint White: 
Developed by Titan Media Worx
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Tune in now for this enlightening conversation with Clint White and enrich your understanding of advanced marketing strategies and social impact.


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